Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
deco4shops.com are owned by
Retailment A/S
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3660 Stenløse
VAT NO. DK 37 28 22 19

Purchase at deco4shops
Purchase is valid from the moment you as a customer receives an invoice from deco4shops.com.
Prices are subject to pricing errors, etc.. due to exchange rate changes, new price and tax laws postage / transportation costs, war, terrorism, natural disasters, acts of God, delivery failures, tax changes and typographical errors. Prices are subject to availability and delayed delivery from deco4shops.dk's (.de and .com) wholesalers.

All prices are excluding VAT and shipping costs.
For orders below 100 € a charge off 20 € will be added as handling and freight fee. Only sales to traders, why VAT number must be quoted when order. Prices of bargains and campaign items apply only for a limited time or until the product is sold out.

Delivery time
We ship within 1-4 business days for stock items. For items not in stock, the delivered will take place first working day after we receive it. Call deco4shops for further information.

Sales in general
The stated price at the time of ordering, is the applicable ordering price, will be not altered by either decrease or increase in price.

If you wish Cancellation or canceling of an already issued order, it should basically be done by sending an email to deco4shops@retailment.com labeled clearly "Cancellation" in the subject field . Here you need to indicate the order date and order number. Have you received an order confirmation via e-mail it can be returned to the sender with the text "Cancellation" inserted in the subject field. Cancellation should be done before noon. 14:00 on the same day as the reservation is made.

Payment is net cash and can be done in the following ways:

With credit card and VISA credit card.
VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro & JCB Card.
When paying by MasterCard, Maestro and Visa charged a fee to PBS of 2,95% of the transaction amount, a minimum of 0,26 €,-
When paying by JCB charged a fee PBS of 3,75% of the transaction, a minimum of 0,26 €,-
The amount raised only when the order is shipped.
When paying by bank transfer the order will be sent after payment is received in our account.
Invoice sent with the order, alternatively sent invoice per. mail.
The right of withdrawal
There is no right of withdrawal for traders.
There are 1 year warranty from the original date of invoice. Replacement or repair does not mean a new 1 year warranty period.
Any errors or shortcomings in the supply of goods from deco4shops has to be relied upon receipt of the goods. Recipient is obligated to provide, on request and show how the error appears.
In all forms of transport damage must be immediately advertised directly to the carrier.
Please also refer to the warranty under the Danish Sale of Goods Act.
Returns can only be done by agreement with deco4shops. Custom made items can not be returned.
Returned products that do not contain errors

At the customer's return as per agreement of defective or incorrect products to deco4shops where failure or malfunction, defined and specified by the customer is not found, the item will be returned to the customer including a test fee of Dkr. 200 per half hour. Test fee is calculated on the basis of time spent for testing and debugging. deco4shops reserves the right to charge this fee and shipping costs per. C.O.D., in the absence of a credit agreement. Enclose the accessories, numbers and product description enclosed. Items must be returned with a copy of the invoice with purchase of the advertised product is clear, since otherwise the product will be shelved pending an invoice copy and possible an error message regarding the product. Items not included in the warranty and is received without proper packaging will be repackaged and be charged an amount equal to our cost of necessary and safe packaging

Proper return
All products returned to deco4shops must be securely wrapped. Damage caused by inadequate packaging may be that your rights will lapse. Any return is the responsibility of the shipper.

Are you in doubt?
If there arise doubts recommend deco4shops that you will contact deco4shops@retailment.com

Telephone inquiries
The phone is open during business hours, which are:
Monday to Thursday. 8.30 to 16.30
Friday. 8.30 to 15.30
Deco4shops retains title to the goods bought on credit, until the full purchase price has been paid.
All costs associated with the enforcement of retention of title assumed by the buyer.
Interest is charged from the due date by 2%. month.